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Rewind Stands

Rewind stands can be provided with various levels of sophistication, based on application requirements.

Stands can be configured and programmed for multiple web materials.

Rewind stands for rewinding web material after web processing

Product Information

Solution "M" - Motorized Rewind Stand

Designed with motors, drive controls, and a fully integrated Double E closed loop tension control system.

Options/Upgrades: upgraded motor and gearing, "Dura–Light" carbon fiber lug shaft, web guiding, 60" max roll diameter, web width < 60" or > 100"

A Double E rewind stand is a rugged, complete, packaged solution for unwinding web material. It features the highest quality accessories available, appropriately specified for your application, and pre-configured for easy integration into your process.


Solution "NW" - Narrow Web Rewinder

The Double E narrow web inspection rewinder station is an easy to use

and flexible cantilevered rewinder for narrow web applications. This

robust winder is configured to fit individual requirements.

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