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Mini Shaftless Unwind Stand

Double E’s New Mini Shaftless Unwind Stand for Smaller Roll Operations

Increase Production, efficiency and safety! Double E Mini Shaftless Unwind Stands are expertly-engineered and easy to install and to operate.

Double E’s New Mini Shaftless Unwind Stand further builds upon the company’s history of developing innovative and performance-enhancing products for the Converting Industry. The Double E Mini Shaftless Unwind Stand fills a gap in the converting industry by offering a shaftless solution for smaller roll converting. Expertly-engineered and easy-to-install and operate, the Mini Shaftless Unwind Stand also features premium quality Double E components like the legendary DF-2000 torque chuck to provide outstanding performance and long-term durability.

“Our new Mini Shaftless Unwind Stand fills a gap in the industry. It provides a high quality, premium shaftless unwind stand for small rolls at a dramatically lower price point than would otherwise be available. Until now, shaftless unwind stands have been associated with heavy roll weights and high speed applications, but often they are a great solution for customers with smaller rolls that are looking to make their operation safer by reducing operator interaction with the rolls during the machine loading process while increasing efficiency.” – Kyle Willis, President & Chief Operations Officer - Double E Group

In the increasingly demanding environment of the converting industry, Double E’s new Mini Shaftless Unwind Stand offers a performance and safety enhancing solution for smaller roll converting.

Product Information


  • Max Roll Weight: 3000 lbs.
  • Max Roll Diameter: 60 in.
  • Min Roll Diameter: 15 in. (for lift from floor)
  • Max Roll Width: 40 in.
  • Min Roll Width: 20 in.
  • Max Speed: 1000 fpm
  • Max Tension Rate: 4.2 PLl
  • Max Total Web Tension: 168 lbs.
  • Max Torque: 420 ft*lbs. = 5040 in*lbs.
  • 110/220 VAC Single Phase

Options Include

  • Dual Brakes
  • Pneumatic Chucks
  • Edge Guiding
  • Skew (Baggy Edge) Take-Up
  • Closed-Loop Tension Controls


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