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Reel Spools / Reel Spool Shafts

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Double E’s two carbon fiber reel spool models—expanding reel spool shafts and non expanding reel spools—offer unmatched weight reduction capabilities that never sacrifice strength or stiffness. Our standard of excellence ensures that the high quality materials used throughout our reel spools continuously deliver exceptional performance with minimal maintenance requirements. If you’re looking for a reliable, versatile, minimal maintenance core chuck with the strength and grip to get the job done, look no further than Double E. Improve processing speeds and increase throughput while reducing energy consumption when you choose Double E’s reel spools and reel spool shafts.

When you use Double E’s revolutionary carbon fiber reel spool shafts, you can be assured that:

• Replacing existing steel reel spools is quick and easy.
• You can run heavier roll weights without changing hoisting requirements.
• The load carrying capacity is equal to or greater than steel.
• The carbon fiber housing allows faster critical speeds without increasing core size.
• Convenient air operation with dual valve activation to guarantee roll security.

Looking for exceptional quality and unparalleled value? Contact us today to learn how Double E’s reel spool shafts can optimize your company’s converting processes.
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