Portable Pneumatic Winder

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With the ability to be added to all converting systems without any integration of controls, the Daven Portable Pneumatic Winder is an easy and efficient method of winding any web material, including edge trim, plastic film, giftwrap, nonwovens, tissue, printing paper, filtration, labels, tape, wallpaper, plastic bags, and medical materials to name a few. Easy to use with heavy duty construction, the Daven Portable Pneumatic Winder mounts on or off slitting machines in any orientation, operates with core or coreless winding, uses no electricity, and offers variable speed and torque capacity. If you need a safe, efficient method of winding any web, the Daven Portable Pneumatic Winder is your answer.

Need a new trim winder? The Daven Pneumatic Winder is great for:
• Label Rewinding Machines
• Plastic Film Rewinding Machines
• Paper Rewinding Machines
• Unwinding or Rewinding Machines
• Edge Trim Removal Machines

Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Double E and its partner, Daven, are trusted solutions providers in the converting industry. Contact us to learn how Double E products can improve your business.
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